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CBD oil is a hot topic these days. It’s been used for centuries to treat pain, seizures, and other health problems. And in recent years it has gained popularity as an alternative remedy that can be legally purchased in the USA without a prescription. But with popularity comes competition – CBD oil affiliate programs are popping up left and right, vying for your attention. We’ve compiled this list of 15 CBD affiliates to help you find the best one for you!

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a compound that comes from the hemp plant, and it has been known to help with various medical issues. CBD oil is made when the compound is extracted from the hemp plant and turned into an oil form. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t cause the “high” associated with marijuana.

CBD oil became legal in the USA in 2018 after the FDA approved it as a prescription drug. It’s now available over-the-counter in approved states, but you do need to provide an ID to purchase it. CBD oil can be used to treat various medical issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, and seizures.

Research shows that CBD products are the fastest-growing category in health and wellness. According to a recent study, sales are expected to grow by 700% this year. That’s a lot of growth!

Manufacturers are producing more CBD products to meet this massive demand. Products include CBD oil, edibles, lotions, creams, vape oils, dog treats, gummies, bath bombs… you name it!

What is a CBD Oil Affiliate Program?

A CBD oil affiliate program is a business partnership between CBD product manufacturers and online affiliate marketers. The company will offer an exclusive affiliate link to the affiliate partner, and the partner will promote this code on their website. When a customer uses the affiliate link to purchase products from the company, the company pays a commission to the affiliate partner.

How Do You Become A CBD Oil Affiliate?

Becoming a CBD oil affiliate is somewhat easy! First, you have to apply to the company’s affiliate program. If you meet the requirements that they may have outlined on their page, you’ll be approved. They will then provide you with a unique coupon code to promote on your website.




How Much Do CBD Oil Affiliates Make?

Affiliate commissions vary from company to company. But, typically, affiliates make between 20% and 50% commission on sales.

Some companies also offer bonus commissions and rewards for high-performing affiliates. So, there is potential to make a lot of money as an affiliate!

CBD oil affiliate marketing is one way to earn income online, but it’s not as simple as affiliate marketers sometimes make it seem. If you want to be successful at CBD oil affiliate marketing, here are a few strategies tips that you can use:

  • Pick a CBD oil affiliate program that is relevant to your website’s audience. If you have a website about health and wellness, then you can also promote products from oil to lotions and creams.
  • Promote a variety of products. Don’t just promote CBD oil, but also CBD edibles, gummies, vape oils, bath bombs, etc. This will give your audience a variety of products to choose from.
  • Write helpful, informative content about the products. Don’t just write reviews on your products. You can also write product comparisons, medical uses, and benefits, recipes, and CBD oil for pets.
  • Create helpful videos about your products. People are more likely to watch a video than read. CBD oil affiliate marketers that use video marketing see a lot of success.
  • Use a long cookie duration – As an affiliate marketer, you get paid when customers make purchases. So, companies don’t want you to only generate sales once, they want you to generate sales over a period of time. That’s why companies offer affiliates cookie durations of 30, 60, or even 90 days. Plus, it benefits you get the opportunity to maximize your referrals.
  • Create product roundups. Roundups are articles that list a variety of products from the CBD oil affiliate programs that you choose. For example, “The Best CBD Oil Products for Anxiety.” This will help you attract more customers to your website. Plus, don’t forget to do your SEO keyword research to find what your customers are looking for.
  • Use affiliate banners and text links on your website. Affiliate banners are typically colorful and eye-catching, and they will help you attract the attention of the visitors that are browsing your website.
  • Generate traffic to your affiliate links with social media posts, email marketing, and so on. CBD oil affiliate marketing is a great way to generate passive income. But, you won’t make any money if you don’t generate traffic to your affiliate links. However, make sure that if you’re using paid advertising you must do this strategically, as you run the risk of getting your account banned.
  • Monitor your affiliate marketing stats and analyze them. This will help you determine which products are most popular with customers, and which CBD oil affiliate programs are most profitable. With this information, you can make maximize and optimize what’s working and what’s not.
CBD Oil Affiliate Program Commission Rate (%) Cookie Duration (days)
Prest Organics 40


Farmacy Bliss 15 45
Leaf Remedys 20 60
Willow CBD 25 30
CBD BioCare 40 60
CBDPure 40 90
Savage CBD 35 30
Pura Hemp 30 60
Hemp My Pet 30 90
Fab CBD 20 30
CBD Essence 20-40 180
Plus CBD Oil 15-50 90
Pure Relief 20 30
Tessera Naturals 40 60
Veritas Farm 10 30

Prest Organics


Prest Organics is one of the most reputable distributors of organic CBD oil products. They take pride in offering only top-quality CBD oils and a lucrative CBD oil affiliate program with a 40% commission rate and cookie duration of 365 days (Amazing!)

Join the affiliate program here

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 365 Days

Farmacy Bliss


Farmacy Bliss, located in the US, is a well-known and reliable CBD oil company that offers an exceptional CBD affiliate program. A few of their products are tinctures, vape pens, and oils. Their affiliate program offers payment plans twice a month.

Join the affiliate program here

Commission Rate: 15%

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Leaf Remedys



One of the most generous CBD oil affiliate programs, Leaf Remedys offers a large range of products. Their products are available to purchase online and boast the best organic products such as CBD oils, tinctures, topic products and so much more. They offer a 20% commission rate and a 60-day cookie duration.

Join the affiliate program here

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

CBD BioCare


CBD BioCare is a full-spectrum CBD oil company located in the US. They offer a wide range of products such as tinctures, capsules, and oils. They’re committed to changing lives by offering the highest quality products. Their affiliate program offers a 40% commission rate and a 60-day cookie duration.

Join the affiliate program here

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days



CBD Pure is the ultimate provider of CBD products, including oils and pet care items. The company strives to provide quality customer service at affordable prices while making sure that all its customers are satisfied! Their affiliate program provides a 40% commission and 90-day cookie duration.

Join the affiliate program here

Commission Rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Savage CBD


With their affordable prices and lab-tested products, Savage CBD is one of the top companies in America. They offer wholesale as well as retail opportunities for those who are interested! Some popular items they provide include pet treats made with natural ingredients like hemp extracts or even just pure extract from cannabis plants themselves; tinctures that can be taken orally (in capsules) ceiling liquids such as drinks made specifically for smoothies.

Join the affiliate program here

Commission Rate: 35%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Pura Hemp

Pura Hemp is committed to improving people’s health through the production and distribution of highly sought-after pharmaceutical-grade natural products. Their dedication has allowed them not only to control 100% manufacturing but also to curate an extraordinaire inventory that features products backed by doctors for optimal results!

Join their affiliate program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Hemp My Pet


Hemp My Pet provides a wide range of pet products, including organic CBD-oil infused olive oil and dog biscuits. They have many different bundles for customers who want an all-inclusive wellness experience with their four-legged friends!

Join their affiliate program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie duration: 90-day



Fab CBD is committed to providing its customers with the best products possible. From full-spectrum hemp oil, which comes from organically grown Colorado plants and contains no artificial flavors or preservatives like other brands do; all of Fab’s items are made in an advanced extraction process that includes cloning techniques for higher potency levels than any competitor out there!

Join the affiliate program

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

CBD Essence


CBD Essence is a leading company when it comes to CBD extraction techniques from hemp plants. They have many products on their lineups such as oil tinctures and edibles that can be consumed orally or applied topically for pain relief in various forms like creams capsules or ointments.

Join the affiliate program

Commission rate: 20-40%

Cookie Duration: 180 Days

Plus CBD Oil


The CBD market is a booming industry, and PlusCBD Oil has come to save the day. Their products are available for everyone from anxious people who need help with their anxiety attacks, skincare seekers looking forward to that glowing complexion, or those in search of relief on aches and pains brought about by life’s challenges like chronic pain management medications.

Join the affiliate program

Commission rate: 15-50%

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Pure Relief


Pure Relief is a company that provides premium CBD products to those who are looking for relief from various conditions. Their products are made with the finest ingredients and are lab-tested to ensure quality and potency.

Join the affiliate program

Commission rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Tessera Naturals


Tessera Naturals is a company that specializes in CBD-based products line. Their line pet treats, soft-gel capsules, and even topical creams! They have a diverse range of products to choose from for those interested in the market.

Join their affiliate program

Commission rate: 40%

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Veritas Farms


Veritas Farms provides CBD oil that is derived from hemp plants. They offer a wide variety of products such as vape oils, tinctures, gummies and even dog treats! Their products are catered to those who need the benefits of CBD oil in their daily lives.

Join the affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

CBD Oil Affiliate Programs For the Win!

The CBD oil affiliate programs listed in this post are great if you want to increase your sales. No matter your skill level, there is a CBD oil affiliate program out there that will work best for you and provide the most benefits to your business. I’m confident at least one company on our list has what it takes to take your affiliate marketing game up a notch!

Fran Powers has a strong background in digital marketing and a love for wealth management. She uses these skills to empower those who are willing to learn. You can reach her on Linkedin.


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